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Gate in Heybeliada, one of the Princes Islands. Istanbul, Turkey.     Photo by Bronwyn Mills

Night of the Luna Moths (March Street)

Sheep Polka”

Online excerpts:

Ant Lion Tango

Season of Splitting Apart”;

“Blackout with Pigs”; 

“Condylura cristata (The
Star-Snouted Mole)”;

“Cleopatra’s Suicide”;

“Autumn”; & “Gravity.”

           Beastly’s Tale (Rocky Shores)

         “The Story of Ö” (Agni Online)

Editorial and Exploratory:

“A Word”–introduction Issue #2 of The    Wall

“At the Forest’s Edge” (on Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky)

Meditations on Mandelstam (a series)

In Memoriam (on the death of Eduardo Galeano)

“Dissonance” (review of Der Kaiser von Atlantis)


Aleph and the Ox (Introducing Chapter One, a feature of Tupelo Quarterly)

Science & the Elephant’s Child (Part II)

Science and the Elephant’s Child (Part I)

The Animal Kingdom (“Grand Metaphors”)

 The River Road (“Flow”)

Interviews and Reviews

On Translation:

Interview with Michael Kandel, translator of Stanislas Lem

Interview with Murat Nemet-Nejat, poet and translator of Turkish poetry


“It’s a Mad, Mad World,” review of Felipe Alfau’s Locos

Interview with James Lewelling

Introduction to Ercan Kesel’s Fairy Soda

Dispatches from the Forest of Kings 


Obituary for a Shipwrecked Sailor; Gabriel Garcia Marquez,with Eric Darton

Ngugi Wa Thiong’o:  Exile and Resistance

Recent Non-fiction:

“The Vodun Has Killed Them: Old World/New World Vodun,”, in The Haitian Experience; A Black Atlantic Perspective , Vol. I,  ed. Celucien  L. Joseph and Nixon S. Cleophat. Roman & Littlefield, 2016.

“Image-i-nation: Africa-nation, Identity, and the Nation(s) Within, in Postcolonial Gateways and Walls. Ed. Daria Tunca and Janet Wilson. Brussels: Brill/Rodopi,  2016.

By some quirk of fate, a coffee table book, Stonewall Jackson, and a reference book  for  secondary school readers:  The U.S. – Mexican War.